Absolute Green Arrow by Kevin Smith

Твердый переплет, английский язык, 400 стр, 220х326 мм.

The original Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, reemerges after years of being assumed dead. But many people, including Black Canary, his ex-lover, Arsenal, his ex-partner, Connor Hawke, his son and temporary successor and Batman, the Dark Knight Detective, want to know how Green Arrow survived the airplane explosion and where he has been. Using strong characterization and engaging dialogue, comic and screenplay writer and movie director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma, Batman: Cacophony) successfully resurrects one of the world's classic heroes. This Absolute edition features bonus script pages, character sketches, and a cover gallery. Collects Green Arrow #1-15.

Перед публикацией отзывы проходят модерацию