Powers #1 с автографом Брайана Майкла Бэндиса

Комикс подписанный сценаристом Брайаном Макллом Бэндисом

Мягкий переплет, 32 стр., 163х245 мм., на аглийском языке.

Today's a shit day, Flinch. I swear to you - I swear to you I know that kind of day. But you gotta look at it another way. A day like this - a day like this is when you find out what you're made of. Right? Any asshole can keep their shit together on the good days. But the shit day? That's when you show your character. Today's the day you show everyone what you're really made of. And I damn well know you're made of better than this, right Flinch? You're gonna let a girl drive you nuts like this? Roll it off and be a man. All you done in your life - all the stuff that made you... you -- and you wanna be remembered as some schmuck held a little girl?

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