Комплект из 2-х виниловых пластинок. Music From Game Of Thrones Season 7

Внутри 2 виниловые пластинки.



A1 Main Titles 1:53

A2 Dragonstone 5:06

A3 Shall We Begin? 1:24

A4 The Queen's Justice 1:21

A5 A Game I Like To Play 1:45

A6 I Am The Storm 6:25

B1 The Gift 2:02

B2 Dragonglass 4:19

B3 Spoils Of War (Pt. 1) 3:53

B4 Spoils Of War (Pt. 2) 4:03

B5 The Dagger 2:33

B6 Home 2:30

C1 Gorgeous Beasts 2:11

C2 The Long Farewell 2:46

C3 Against All Odds 7:48

C4 See You For What You Are 2:09

C5 Casterly Rock 2:23

C6 A Lion's Legacy 1:34

D1 Message For Cersei 1:43

D2 Ironborn 2:19

D3 No One Walks Away From Me 2:11

D4 Truth 3:31

D5 The Army Of The Dead 5:26

D6 Winter Is Here 2:54

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