Виниловая пластинка. The Matrix. The Complete Edition (3 LP)


Disc A:
A1    Logos / The Matrix main title
A2    Trinity infinity
A3    Neo con brio
A4    Follow the white rabbit
A5    Neo on the edge
A6    Through the surveillance monitor
A7    Unable to speak
A8    Bait and switch

Disc B:
B1    Switched for life
B2    Switched at birth
B3    Switches brew
B4    Col hearted switch
B5    Nascent nauseous Neo
B6    A Morpheus moment
B7    Bow whisk orchestra

Disc C:
C1    Domo showdown
C2    Switch or break show
C3    Shake, borrow, switch
C4    Switch works her boa
C5    Bring me dinner
C6    The system
C7    Freeze face
C8    Switch woks her boar
C9    Cypher cybernetic
C10    Ignorance is bliss / cyber cyphernetic

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