Justice League America #28

Мягкий переплет, 24 страницы, 258х168 мм

A Zero Month crossover issue. After its recent disbanding, the Justice League has invited heroes to join the team. Many heroes accept Wonder Woman’s invitation to join the league, including former members Crimson Fox, Fire, Flash, Hawkman, and Metamorpho. The League has rebuilt one of the Overmaster’s escape pods, and is using that as their new orbital headquarters. At one last pickup, a last batch of heroes has accepted the invite: Blue Beetle, Nuklon, and Obsidian; except, after the pickup, Crimson Fox notices that the Blue Beetle is acting strange. It ends up that the heroes have not picked up Beetle, but rather a robot impersonating him in order to gain access to the Overmaster’s computer system. After a lengthy fight, the League defeat the robot, thanks to newcomers Nuklon and Obsidian. The new league has been formed.

Издатель DC Comics
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