Heavy Metal #298

Мягкий переплет, 206х278 мм, 98 страниц

The world's greatest illustrated magazine rockets into the future with our Furthest Reaches Special, taking readers to the edge of the cosmos and beyond! David Hine and Mark Stafford create bone-chilling intersections with insectoid life in "Bug House." Alex Smith will take us through a "BodyJack" where modification reaches new frontiers. Matt Emmons plumbs the robot psyche with "The Incubator." Emilio Balcarce & Marcelo Perez explore "A New Life" in the collapse of a robot army. Dwayne Harris stars in a double bill with "Dowser" following vicious gangs who guard Earth's water supply and "Philip K. Dick's Head" with Michael David Nelsen, based on a true story. Plus two galleries featuring creature designer Carlos Huante and dystopian sci-fi artist Josan Gonzalez - and more!

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