All Stitched Up. С автографами Юрия Плисенко, Мари Энгер и Карнессы

Мягкий переплёт, 16 страниц, ризиграфическая печать, на английском.


All Stitched Up is a 16 page riso comic containing two stories illustrated by Marie Enger and Karnessa, with writing by Yuriy Plisenko. 

Behind every scar is a story - but have you ever had one that predated your memory? You've never known yourself without it, yet you're unsure how it got there. What if the only story you could tell is how it keeps reopening every spring? What if it would continue to do so until you found out where it came from? What if that was impossible? Then you better get handy with that needle and get working. We hear you can even use dental floss for that.

Автор Юрий Плисенко
Художник Карнесса
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